Contribute to Showstopper Magazine Online

Love the content you see on Showstopper Magazine Online? Do you want to contribute your own stories and experiences to our site? Fantastic! We are always looking for contributions from writers who have something to say about teen lifestyle, trends, and dance.

What can I submit?

We love: Personal essays about dance that give readers a dancer’s point of view about topics including (but not limited to!) training, performing, and competing. If you’re passionate about it, we want to read it! Your story is uniquely yours and you never know who it might inspire.

We also love essays about things you love right now. Whether you are excited about a trend, want to give your take on an upcoming performance (musicals, plays, etc.), or want to give us a list of your dance and beauty favorites this month, we’re excited to get your opinions on what’s going on in the world and what you’re excited about in the future that other dancers and teens might also relate to.

Taking part in a performance or hosting a casting call that you want other dancers to be aware of? Send us information about your production and all the necessary details you think need to be shared!

We’re not looking for: Fiction pieces, poems, plays, or art (we’re just not looking for that kind of content right now), or spam including social media plugs.

Content Guidelines

  • Don’t be afraid to let your voice shine through! We love writing that shows off your personality.
  • Submitted content should demonstrate strong writing and grammar skills.
  • Keep submissions under 2,000 words.

How Do I Submit?

  • Email with your ideas and a brief synopsis of the content you intend to submit. Also, include a brief bio about yourself (100 words or less) and a headshot that will be included with your article.
  • Make sure that the subject line is a potential title for your content. (ie. “How Taylor Swift Inspires Young Girls to be Performers”)
  • Attach your current draft of your piece to the email, so we can see what direction you’re going in. (Please attach in a .docx or PDF format.)

***If you’re not sure that your content falls into the guidelines of what we’re looking for, email us a brief description, and we will let you know!***

That’s all it takes! Once we receive your submission, sit back and relax while we review your work! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can about the status of your submission.