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5 Quotes Every Dancer Should Live By

Make these your mantra!

Peyton Perrine is “Just Keeping it Fun” on Nick’s “That Girl Lay Lay”

"I am most excited for people to see the future episodes and the craziness in them."

11-Year-Old Michelle Rasul is a WORLD-Famou DJ and Now an Author

"You should always do what you love."

Throw a Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Party at the Studio

What Taylor Swift era are you in?

EXCLUSIVE: Sheva Elliot Celebrates Platonic Love in Her New Single “Lost & Found”

"It’s basically an open letter or a thank you note to those friends and mentors of mine who supported me through a tough time."

“Can I be more Fearless?”: Cooper Phillip Looks Inward with Her Song “The Answers”

"I am super excited to share this music with the planet."

9 On-the-Go Meal Options for Busy Dance Days

Simple and delicious!
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Annabel Gutherz Calls “Saturn’s Rings” a “Theatrical” Exploration of “The Emotional Aftermath of a Breakup”

"I felt the analogy of being wrapped around someone like the rings of Saturn well communicated this experience."

Brooke Sause’s “How Long” is a Search for Post-Breakup Clarity

"It’s about going through the memories and reanalyzing every detail..."

Caroline Romano’s “Mississippi Air” is Heartfelt Summer Nostalgia

"[It] is really just a longing for something, or a feeling, that once was."

5 May Must-Reads We’re SPRINGing Into

These are the books we'll be talking about all summer.

Here’s Everything Coming to Disney+ in May

These could be the start of your summer watch-list!

“Some Like It Hot” Dominates The 2023 Tony Nominations

What was your favorite musical of the last year?

Thomas Day’s Latest Release is About the Pain of Falling for Someone New

"Love is both scary and beautiful and this song is the perfect mix of those two feelings."
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