This week The Qualifiers round of NBC’s World of Dance came to an end but not before we got a chance to obsess over seven more incredible acts.

The Junior Division

First to take the stage last night was 14-year-old flamenco dancer Victoria Caban. Victoria came from New Jersey to compete this season, but she put forth everything she had to represent her Puerto Rican heritage and Latin America dance styles. The judges thought her contemporary, flamenco fusion was incredibly competitive, and her skill and stage presence earned her an average score of 90.7.

You might recognize Avery Gay from Showstopper’s Sparkle Society, but this week, she was taking the stage with her partner Marcus for something we have yet to see this season – pointe. They took the stage with attitude, but their nerves showed through in their transitions and overall performance. Luckily, they were awarded an average score of 84, so we’ll be seeing more of them in the next round.

The Junior Team Division

The first Junior team to wow the judges this week was The Pulse. They came to the competition with a lot to live up to. Like Derek, they are from the renowned dance studio Center Stage. Not only did they have to live up to the expectations of the judges, they also had to live up to the expectations of their studio. They were nervous because of this, and it seems like those nerves got the best of them because they received two scores below 80 from the judges. Luckily, an 84 from J Lo set them over the edge with an average of 80.3.

The Upper Division

L & J sound like a superstar couple, and they took the stage like one. From France and Canada, their dance relationship might be international, but their performance was otherworldly. L & J’s ability to create authentic emotion on stage that drew the judges in left them thoroughly impressed. It’s no surprise they received a high average score of 90.3. We can’t imagine who will be a worthy match for them in The Duels.

Another Upper Division act to wow the judges was Morning of the Owl. Coming all the way from South Korea, these street fusion dancers combined contemporary, ballet, street dance, martial arts and more to develop their unique style. Luckily, we’ll get to see more elements of it in the next round. An average score of 84 sent them on to The Duels.

The Upper Team Division

Seven dancers moved to Los Angeles, California, one dance team came out of it. The members of the contemporary performance team Pursuit know the struggling artist life better than most, and they came to World of Dance to show that the struggle has been worth it and to hopefully win the million dollar prize to fund their dreams. Their hard work paid off, and they received an average score of 87 that will send them on to The Duels.

The Funkywunks were the next Upper Team to take the stage, and it is impossible to watch them without smiling. They brought funk and fun to the stage with serious skill and incredibly energy in their hip hop routine. The judges were as impressed as we were

These acts and more took the stage and impressed the judges this week. Next week, The Duels begin, and it is going to be difficult to decide who our favorites are especially as we begin to see them go home.

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