Young dancers all need someone they can look up to and mentor them throughout their dance journey. Think about a time when someone inspired you and changed your mindset on life or dance and how much that helped you. As a more experienced dancer, you have the opportunity to give that feeling to someone else! Mentoring isn’t only one-on-one advice here are some ways to inspire and motivate the dancers in your life.

Post Your Dances Online

You never know who is going to watch your dancing and feel inspired by even a single video. From videos of you dancing combos from popular choreographers to just tracking your progress, your dance journey shows younger dancers what’s possible. You could even post videos giving your advice and tips for dancing which could be helpful to new dancers or anyone having a hard time with skills you have already mastered.

Teach a Class or Combo

This is a win-win. Put yourself and your name out into the dance world while helping other dancers learn new ways to express themselves through dance. You might teach a class weekly at your local studio or just a one-time class at a convention or intensive. No matter what, taking the time to share your knowledge and creativity with others is always a benefit to the dancers around you.

Give Positive Feedback

If you get the opportunity to give constructive criticism to a dancer, take the chance and give them tips that can help them grow as a person and dancer. Another sweet way to do this is to leave positive notes around your studio for dancers to find. You never know how much a couple of words might change someone’s perspective or mood that day.

Be a Good Influence

Sometimes all it takes to motivate someone is to have good energy around them. Your healthy mindset leads by example and rubs off on the people around you. This can be as simple as just speaking positively and not bringing others down in any way.

Let’s create a positive and encouraging world for new and young dancers. We all have something to offer!