It’s easy to scroll past all of your favorite celebs and stars on Instagram. Double-tap here. Leave a comment there. But how often do you actually try the look? We’re snagging some influencer styles this week to shake up our outfits and clothing combinations. Style awaits!

Hazel and Capri Wang

Hazel and Capri might be mini models to their mom, Jessica Wang, but it’s undeniable that they have their own signature styles. This week, the sister’s rocked pastel puffer outfits with excellent off-duty model vibes. While full-puffer is definitely cozy, going for white pants and shoes with a statement warm jacket is a great way to copy this look.

Lilly K

Spring is only a few months away, but Lilly’s latest look is channeling warmer days. Her distressed jeans and daisy sweater look is a cool but relaxed fit that’s simple enough to make your own. It’s the casual-cool of a cute sweater and jeans that makes this outfit what it is, so we wouldn’t go too bold for this, but bonus points if you can sneak a hint of spring into your style.

Tonia Stapleton

Ok, let’s go bold! Tonia’s latest #workootd is a cool-toned eye-catching look in mint green and white with pink statement accessories. You don’t have to be off to work to make a look like this work. Pick a base color and pull out some fun pants to create the look. Then compliment it with a bold color for accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry. You’re ready to rock the day!

The Ford Sisters

If you want to go beyond matching colors, you can go for a full matched set. The Ford Sisters are rocking floral sweatsuit sets that we can’t get enough of. Going for a solid color or pattern look instead of florals is a great option, too. We love black or white sneakers with this style, and if you’re on the go, you can add a dad cap to your look. This is outfit is cool, comfy, and most importantly, danceable.

Kitana Turnbull

For a relaxed day, Kitana’s layered look is effortless chic. Your favorite hoodie-sweatpants combo doesn’t have to be frumpy. Add some shape with fitted layers and some elevated accessories like Kitana’s sunglasses, and you’re ready for adventures or even just a chill day of getting things done.

Eliza Pryor

Leather is in this spring, and we can’t say no to any look that makes leg warmers work. Eliza’s look matches a simple floral skater dress and tights with a long leather jacket, boots, and gray leg warmers. You can go for this edgier look or create a brighter take on the leather look with white or even brown tones. Either way, this outfit is a perfect casually dressed-up style.

Triple Charm

We’re not saying you have to match with your besties for this group outfit, but you totally should. Triple Charm rocks a brown-black combo we’re obsessed with. You can go for a simple color match here or match this girl group’s energy with patterns or textures like leopard and corduroy. Don’t forget your white sneakers!