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With the Fashion Week cycle over and the seasons changing, it’s time to look at what was In on the runway. These are our predictions for what will be trickling down to your favorite brands (and maybe your own wardrobe) very soon.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

The long silhouette is here, and with it maxi dresses and skirts. Part of the “girlcore” aesthetic, these ankle-length styles are a perfect way to play with fabrics, prints, and textures. Layer mesh, add a floral element to your outfit, or experiment with trending ruffle, lace, and fluffy fringe accents.

Not your style? If you’re not into dresses or skirts or they just don’t fit the occasion, add length to your look in other ways. Long duster jackets and cardigans can give you height and complete a look. Play with patterns, colors, and collar types.

Animal Print

We were all there for the “Mobwife aesthetic” takeover of TikTok fashion. While traditional animal prints like leopard and zebra continue to be a staple, stepping out in giraffe print, peacock, and even reptile prints can make a statement. Are you bold enough for an all-over animal print look or more of an accessories, styler?

Not your style? If you want your wardrobe to be a little less wild, replace animal prints with textured prints that use the same colors. You can tap into the drama of the style with stripes, spots, and mod prints.

Mini Shorts


fits com mini shortinhos do tamanho da nossa paciência #fypシ #outfit #inspos #fashion

♬ get him back – user88208558970

After a surge of very, very mini skirts in 2023, it looks like the mini trend is continuing in a new shape. For your spring break adventures and lazy days, think micro shorts and hot pants in high-waisted and mid-rise styles. You can wear these as bottoms on their own or use them as the base for sheer layers like mesh maxi skirts.

Not your style? Looking for less mini in your shorts? Find shorts with added length from unique details like ruffles or fringe. You can also opt for shorts that are less form-fitting than hot pants to add some fabric and coverage to your look.

Light Colors

The colors of the season are breezy and light. Think baby pink, sky blue, lemonade yellow, and white. Style these colors into any silhouette, clothing, item, or accessory you want, and if you’re feeling bold pick one for a monochrome statement ‘fit.

Not Your Style? These colors can lean a bit Easter basket if you’re not usually into bright colors. Tone down the look with staples in neutral colors or look for the same hue in darker tones rather than vibrant pastel tints.

High Waisted Trousers


Soo pretty much im going to live in these trousers all summer long… i love a good wide leg silhouette. The more dramatic the better! Trousers gifted from @KATAKOMB #straplesstops #summerstyle #grwm #styletipsforwomen #summergoth #allblacksummeroutfit #grwm_aesthetics #fashiontiktok #grwmaesthetic

♬ Oblivion – Grimes

We are in our trouser era! Think long legs, Harry Styles’ Fine Line album cover, and belts that tie everything together. From slim flare to baggy, this structured look has a 90s minimalist feel that works well with layered outfits, neutral colors, and “that girl” aesthetics. This is the look that says “I have it all figured out.”

Not Your Style? If you’re not feeling trousers, recreate the effect with long skirts. Belted maxi or tulip skirts in neutral colors and simple designs can help create the long-leg effect and power-look vibe.

Shapeless Silhouettes


‘Jazz bar’ beauty brings 1920s details into the present tense with a hedonistic, alien twist 👽 . . . . . . #jazztok #beauty #runwaymakeup #fashionweek #fall2024 #fashiontok #aesthetics #alienbeauty #1920s #1920smakeup #bustle @Pat McGrath Labs @Donni Davy @Thomas de Kluyver @Bustle

♬ original sound – heymuseme

A look that Vogue editors are calling “Modern Flapper,” this style emphasizes length over shape. No empire waists (or really any waists). These looks tend to feature long dresses and coats. The goal here is not baggy but straight lines, knee-length looks, and details (like fringe) that continue the line of the outfit to the floor.

Not Your Style? Going for shapeless can be a dramatic change. For a more transitional look, try layering a shapeless piece over a style your more comfortable in or, vice versa, give structure to an otherwise straight silhouette. This is another place where those trendy duster jackets are right at home.

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