Nikitta Jancek is a 13-year-old dancer from New South Wales, Australia. She dances at The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio.

“I think our dance culture is what makes Australia unique. There is a place for all types of dancers, those who are striving to be pushed and surrounded by like-minded people.”

How has where you are from positively impacted your dance experience?

We are so lucky in Australia to be able to work with so many amazing choreographers and learn from so many amazing teachers that come over from other countries thanks to comps like Showcase and Hollywood Bound ran by Peter Oxford we get so many amazing opportunities.

How do you want to use dance to be a positive influence on your community?

Dance for me has allowed me to be myself and express myself. dance brings people so many opportunities you meet the post amazing like-minded people while making forever friendships and memories. Dance makes me happy and builds confidence. I couldn’t imagine my life without dance.

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