On Bunk’d‘s recent episode “Dancin’ Up a Storm” Lou heads home to the farm to visit her cousins, but she finds that a lot has changed. Among the usual cast, we meet Myron, Lou’s childhood friend and the husband of your cousin, Cricket. Myron and Cricket have taken over the Hockhauser family farm after Pop Pop and Gam Gam retired, and since then a lot has happened. We caught up with Myron himself, Kyle Matthew for an inside look at the episode.

“Playing Myron was an absolute joy,” Kyle told us. He also shared that the role has a special place in his heart for a few reasons. “My grandfather, who always used to drive me to my auditions when I first started acting professionally in high school, passed away a couple days before I got the audition. My grandfather’s name was Martin, and his father’s name was Myer, so the fact that the name of the role I booked (Myron) was a combination of those two made it extra special.”

This is also Kyle’s first Disney role. “It was a blast,” he said about playing Myron and getting into hijinks with the cast of Bunk’d (including a talented donkey named Leroy). “All I ever want to do is tell great stories with great people, and I certainly was able to do that with this project. The entire team on Bunk’d couldn’t have been kinder and more welcoming to me.”

Filming a show like Bunk’d is sure to come with a lot of fun and games behind the scenes. We asked Kyle about his favorite moment, and he had a bit of an embarrassing story to share. “Let’s just say be careful with not washing your hands so fast that water spills onto you. It looks like you’ve peed your pants, and you’re frantically using a mini fan praying to the gods it dries before you’re called to set. Obviously, this didn’t happen to me, but let’s just say… I’m not sure if this would be considered my ‘favorite’ moment, but it certainly is one I will never forget.” Obviously, that would never happen to Kyle. Thank goodness he kept the actor anonymous to save them from embarrassment. Ha!

He’s left the farm, but Kyle has more exciting projects in the works, including a supporting role in an upcoming feature film set to be announced this year. Kyle couldn’t tell us much about his upcoming film role, but he did let us know that he’s excited for people to know more about the project. “What I can say is that it was an incredible experience where I was lucky enough to work with a lot of gifted artists, both in front of and behind the camera.” Kyle recently returned to set to film more scenes. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them soon!

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