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It hasn’t been long since we last spoke with Indi Star about her current project. The first in her trio of singles exploring the ups and downs of relationships, “Afterglow” came out at the end of June, and we’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting to see how the next single would fit in. Indi’s latest single “Exposed” came out Friday, and we caught up with her to get an inside look at her process and details about her forthcoming music video.

When we last spoke to Indi, she shared with us that her trio of singles “tell a story of the rise and fall of relationships.” Her summer single “Afterglow” is “like the beginning of a relationship. It’s all going well and stuff.” With “Exposed,” Indi backtracks a little bit to look at what it takes to be vulnerable and open up to someone new. “‘Exposed’ is actually getting out of a toxic relationship and getting in a new, healthy relationship but not knowing how to open up because the last one hurt,” Indi told us.

Indi still feels like she’s in “Afterglow,” and when we asked her about her favorite “Exposed” lines she had to sing it to get “Afterglow” out of her head. “Honestly, I love every single line,” she said, but she does have a moment she really loves. “I really do like in the chorus, the ‘my heart’s exposed, for good I know.'” Indi also told us that one of the appearances of that line is actually her original demo recording that was too perfect to leave out of the song. If you listen closely, can you figure out which one it is?

Even though Indi is still slowly coming out of “Afterglow” season, she’s excited for people to experience the many layers of this new leg of her project, including the single’s music video.

Courtesy of Indi Star

“It was probably one of my favorite music videos to film,” Indi said. “Exposed” was filmed in four scenes each with a unique look including a skateboarding scene and a pool scene. (Did you know that skateboarding and swimming are two of Indi’s hobbies?) With each scene, there were some funny behind-the-scenes hiccups, like getting rained on while she tried to skate down the street, a very cold pool, and a hair extension mishap, but the music video came together, and we’ll all be seeing it very soon.

One thing that makes the “Exposed” video unique for Indi is that it’s her first solo music video. “I’ve never actually done a music video just by myself,” she told us. “This was my first time, and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.” In her “Afterglow” music video, Indi’s solo scenes are paired with intimate dance scenes, but “Exposed” shows Indi by herself, working through her emotions.

Part of this comes from a small change in meaning. While “Exposed” is about finding the courage to open up to someone new, the music video focuses more on self-love. She shared that she thinks it gives her fans more ways to experience the song. On its own, the song has one meaning, but with the music video’s perspective change, it opens “Exposed” up to new possibilities for exploring the theme Indi has been working with.

Courtesy of Indi Star

The final single in this journey isn’t a complete mystery to us either. While Indi isn’t sharing the title or release date yet, we know that the third single in this trio will be coming before the year is over, and she can’t wait for us to hear it. “I really do think that my third song is my strongest song…I still love ‘Exposed,’ and I still do love ‘Afterglow,’ but I feel like the third song is definitely my favorite by far.” She also shared that her third single will be a kind of middle ground between the sounds of “Afterglow” and “Exposed.” We can’t wait!

“Exposed” is out now on your favorite streaming platforms. The music video for “Exposed” premieres on October 6. You don’t want to miss it!

Update Oct. 6, 2021: Indi’s “Exposed” music video is now live. Check it out below!

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