Courtesy of Indi Star

You might know Indi Star as the popular mean girl Paris on Brat TV’s witchy summer camp show Charmers, but alongside being an actress, Indi is also a multi-talented dancer, singer, and model. We caught up with Indi to talk about her most recent project and what dreams she has for her music in the future.

As a singer and songwriter who has been releasing singles since 2019. Her latest release, a single titled “Afterglow” is a dreamy look at the start of a relationship. Indi shared with us that it was inspired by a relationship she was in at the beginning of 2021. “‘Afterglow’ is about that beginning part of the relationship where everything seems full of wonder—before reality comes around.” She laughed. “I am super excited for people to hear my new song because I have worked very hard on it!”

Courtesy of Indi Star

A trained tap, ballet, hip hop, and jazz funk dancer, Indi is no stranger to the intricacies of music, and that plays a role in how she creates her own songs. “I want to make music for people to sing along to as well as music for people to dance to!” she said. “I love the dance arts as well, so it’s important to me to be able to make music with strong emotion and energy to capture when I make the music video for the song!” We’re excited to see how movement and dance come together with “Afterglow” in Indi’s forthcoming music video.

Including “Afterglow”, Indi has plans to release three singles this year that she says “sort of do tell a story about the rise and fall of relationships.” We’re excited to see how the three songs connect, but singles and music videos aren’t the only things on Indi’s radar. She’s setting big goals for her music. “I would love to, in the near future, make a full album that tells a story,” she said. “I also would love to go on tour! A full album and touring have always been my dreams!”

“Afterglow” is out now, and you can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more of your favorite streaming services.

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