If you thought daydreaming about visiting the set of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie was as close as you could get to that real-life Barbie DreamHouse, think again. A life-size and impossibly pink Barbie DreamHouse appeared in Malibu this week, and not only is it making a statement, it’s also an Airbnb!

You might expect that this heavily themed mansion is an impossibly expensive destination, but getting to step into the DreamHouse is more about luck. Barbie is away and Ken is playing Superhost while she’s gone. To bask in the “Kenergy,” you have to try your hand at jumping into what might be a more devastating line than the Eras Tour Ticketmaster queue. Booking for the DreamHouse opens at 10 AM PT on Monday, July 17 for two, one-night stays for up to two guests on July 21 and July 22, 2023. It’s not a contest, but it is a race to get those two coveted dates.

The guests that manage to book the DreamHouse will get to experience all of Ken’s favorite parts of Malibu from the beach to rollerblading. As Ken said in the Airbnb listing, “guests can live it up Ken-style for a neon night in Barbie Land.”

The Barbie DreamHouse features a pool, an outdoor disco dance floor ready for linedancing, Ken’s guitar, Ken’s wardrobe, and infinity pool, and even those yellow-and-pink Impala roller blades and a surfboard that guests get to take home when they leave the Kendom. This is the summer vacation destination, and those of us that don’t manage to snag those coveted spots might have to start figuring out how to Barbie DreamHouse our own spaces!

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