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Actor and dancer Ryan Buggle is a staple on Law & Order: SVU. Since his first appearance as Olivia Benson’s son, Noah, Ryan has been developing his skills and expanding his character to tell more and more complex stories alongside the main conflicts in the show. Season 24 of Law & Order: SVU is airing now and with it some incredible new Noah storylines we had to ask Ryan about.

Ryan first started playing Noah in 2017, and over the last six years, his character has seen so much growth. This is one of Ryan’s favorite parts of the character. “I love that Noah is starting to understand what kind of person he wants to be,” Ryan told us. “I love that he’s an upstander and speaks his mind. I was so young when I first started the show, so Noah didn’t have much of a storyline. I love that he does now, and I am so grateful for it as well.”

A character who has been praised for taking on storylines that get at the heart of kids’ issues like bullying, Noah is continuing to be a role model in Season 24, specifically standing up for LGBTQ+ youth. Ryan shared with us that getting to tell tough stories is a big part of his love for Noah. “I’m forever pinching myself that I am a part of this show in general, so to be given this type of material—which means something to so many people—is inspiring.” He said. “I hope that I do it justice and that Noah continues to grow and find himself in this world.”

Elizabeth Pettey Photography 

Some of the work was a little more difficult. Ryan told us that one of the hardest scenes he’s shot this far comes from Episode 10. (Mild spoilers ahead.) “…Mariska [Hargitay]’s character, my mom Olivia Benson, gets beat up by the gang members, and I’m there to witness it,” he said. “I wasn’t scared or anything, but the timing of the scene and the blocking of it was intense, so that took a lot of preparation.”

Of the stories Ryan is telling in Season 24, he has some favorite moments. Ryan told us his big highlights for the season were actually behind the scenes. “I have two, and I almost passed out! When I got the chance to do a car scene with Ice-T! I don’t get to work with him a lot, so when I do, I’m always so excited, and my best friend, Tre, was cast as the part of my long-lost brother. You can’t make that up, such a memorable part of the season.” There’s nothing quite like getting to work with your best friend!

We had to check in on Noah’s progress as a dancer, but it looks like we might all be waiting for at least a bit. Ryan shared that they haven’t shot any dance scenes so far this season, “but you never know what the writers have up their sleeves!”

Ryan says “it’s going to be a great year” for his projects, including Law & Order: SVU. We’ll be keeping tabs on Ryan’s work because, just like the writers of SVU, he always has a surprise on the way.