If you’ve been keeping up with fashion or the Kardashians, then you know exactly what the Fashion House Balmain is. If you’re not into fashion, and have no clue who or what I’m talking about, let me explain what Balmain is, and why its collaboration with the Paris Opera Ballet is such a big deal!

Balmain is a French Fashion House that was created in 1946. Since then, it has been leading the way in all things fashion. On every red carpet, you are sure to see someone wearing its pieces, specifically the Kardashians and the Jenner sisters. Its fashion pieces are gawked over around the world for their emaculate jewel placement and long lasting silhouettes.





With that being said, you can now understand how amazing it is that the creative director for Balmain, Olivier Rousteing decided to team up with Paris OpĂ©ra Ballet to outfit the the 22 dancers featured in Bertaud’s 27-minute ballet. Here is a first look at the stunning costume designs!


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