You may have seen this bunny in Showstopper‘s Easter video and card.

This Bunny’s Basic Bio
Name: Orwell (Ori for short)
Birthday: December 10, 2016
Favorite Color: Powder Blue
Favorite Emojis: ???
 Favorite Type of Dance: Hip-Hop

This is Ori, but little did we know, Ori is more than just an Easter bunny, so we had to interview him and share his Showstopper story with you.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Ori Netflix and chilling at home. Favorite show? Looney Tunes.

“Well, I’m a bunny, so I was born to a doe along with 11 other little bunny kits. From there it was just hopping around, eating hay and learning how to perfect that cute bunny look so I could achieve my dream job; animal actor.”

Have you always loved dancing? ?

“I’ve always been a fan of dance. Hip hop is my favorite, but there’s just something about ballet that really gets my nose twitching. It’s so elegant! Did you know you can combine the two now and learn hiplet? I’ve tried it, but I always hop when I’m supposed to pirouette and bounce when I’m supposed to plié. I think my feet are just a little too big to be graceful in pointe shoes.”

How Did Your Animal Acting Career Lead You to Showstopper?

My owner works there.  Well, they were looking for a bunny, and I was looking for the perfect backdrop to bring out my talents. Who knew pink was the way to go?” ~Literally, everyone~ “And sparkly eggs are a lot more interesting than you’d think. I’m never doing an Easter egg hunt without them! Anyway, one thing lead to another, and we were shooting a video and doing a photo shoot.”

What Was Your Favorite Part About the Shoot?
Behind the scenes at the Showstopper Easter shoot.

“This might make me sound silly, but when I did exactly what they wanted or they needed to coax me into a shot (What can I say? I’m a prey animal.) I was given these delicious yogurt treats that just hit the spot.”

Do You Think You’ll Be Working With Showstopper Again in the Future?

“Once a Showstopper, always a Showstopper. I’ll definitely be back anytime they want me.”

What Advice Would You Give Our Dancers?

“Just keep hopping along! There’s always something new and exciting around the corner (or down the rabbit hole)! And you’re never alone. There’s always somebunny who loves you. ” ❤️

In case you missed them, here’s Ori’s Easter showcase.

We hope everyone is having an egg-cellent Easter ??

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