2. There Won’t be Any Theme Park Costumes

You may have seen costumes like these at theme parks, on Nickelodeon’s orange carpet, and in other musical performances based on Cartoons, but you won’t find them on the stage of The Spongebob Musical. The musical does feature costumes that match the outfits of all of our favorite under the sea characters, but there isn’t any foam or giant, lifeless eyes.

3. The Sets are Brilliant

If you were worried that the real world would never be able to capture the majesty that is bikini bottom with its flower shaped clouds and jellyfish floating around like butterflies, then you’re in for a treat. The sets in the musical not only bring the cartoon fully to the stage, it makes you feel like you’ve been transported into your TV to Bikini Bottom.

The Spongebob Musical hits Broadway December 4th.
Are your ready? We are.