It seems like there’s so much to do as soon as you open your eyes every morning. It can get easy to prioritize the wrong things. Get up, start the day for yourself, and then start working on everything else you need to do.

Don’t Start the Day on Your Phone

Jumping into that little screen as soon as you wake up might seem like the obvious way to start your day, but shocking yourself awake with a blast of information and blue light isn’t good for you. Wake up, stretch, brush your teeth. Give yourself time to bloom a bit before you start piling on that cell phone anxiety.

Set A Goal

What do you want to do today? No, don’t start rattling off your to-do list. What do you want to accomplish? Whether you want to study a language, catch up on your favorite show, finish that book you’re obsessed with or just hang out with your dog, make doing that thing a priority.

Capture a Happy Moment

Find one thing every morning that makes you smile. Take that thing and tuck it away for later when you need it. Consciously finding a little spark of joy is the perfect way to start your day. You can find happiness singing into your hairbrush as you get ready, in your favorite outfit, the sunshine. Whatever makes you happy!