Having a variety of dance clothes can make moving from one dance class to the next easier. Most classes require different attire depending on the skills you are working on. Acro dancewear needs to be form-fitting to allow for seamless flips. Hip hop favors loose styles that let you move more freely. No matter what you’re doing, being dressed for the moment is essential. These are dancewear brands we love for their variety, styles, and quality.

Five The Label

This is one of the most popular dance clothes brands as of late and for good reason! Five The Label offers attire for every style, but they are most suitable for hip hop, jazz, and ballet. They also offer many different color options from bright colors to neutrals, something for everyone! These styles are on more of the expensive side, but the quality matches the price. The comfort and strength of the material and how long the clothes will last you make every penny worth it. Keep an eye out for their holiday sales!

Dancewear Solutions

This is a great brand that offers styles for competition wear. Plus, if you are looking for more unique styles to wear to conventions, they have plenty of options for that too. Your dancewear is a great way to help yourself stand out whether it’s at practice or intensives. Dancewear Solutions is also known for being a more affordable brand.

Tiger Friday

This is a great brand for more chill classes such as ballet, jazz, pilates, or just working out. Their styles are less like dancewear and closer to workout clothes. While Tiger Friday trends toward expensive, they are a high-quality line. They offer a wide range of bright colors as well as neutrals like blacks and whites. 


Capezio is definitely a more high-end brand for ballet outfits. They offer much more simple, sleek, and classic styles. It’s perfect if you are looking for something nice to wear to auditions or conventions where your top priority is professionalism and clean lines. 

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