A retrospective on being young and making mistakes à la Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” Caroline Romano‘s new single “girl in a china shop” is as somber as it is amped up.

Following her concept EP A Brief Epic, Caroline is keeping her promise to experiment with new ideas as she works on the next chapter of her work. She’s staying grounded in the reality-driven feelings of that EP, though, reacting to how she feels she fits in the world at 22 years old. “I often feel like I break everything I touch,” Caroline said. “I’ve come to view myself as one major juxtaposition.” There’s so much to experience and so much can go wrong when you’re building a life and a career, and Caroline is unpacking all of the broken the dishes and smudged memories to share these experiences with her listeners.

“I am a lightweight. I am a daughter. I am a deadweight. I am a monster. I am a girl in a China shop!” Caroline sings, balancing her reality with feelings that things aren’t always perfect. “One thing I’ve learned is that as life moves on, things get broken in the process. Whether it’s relationships or my own heart, I’ve come to realize that it’s all too easy to shatter either one by my own hand,” she explained. “At times, it’s left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and with my own footing. ‘girl in a china shop’ is my attempt at acknowledging that, in a way that summarizes the chaotic feeling that is navigating myself and other’s emotions.”

This first look at Caroline’s next project has us excited for more experimental music that brings the best of Caroline’s energy and lyricism together for music we can’t stop playing.

“girl in a china shop” is out now.

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