With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a huge platform that goes well beyond simple social networking. Because of that, having a functional and effective Instagram profile for your studio is important for marketing your business and staying in touch with your students. An essential part of this is building a recognizable brand through your posts.


You want to make sure people recognize your Instagram page as a credible source for information about your studio and your business. This means you need to keep it professional and keep it updated. If someone looks up your studio’s Instagram and all they find are dance memes, they either won’t take you seriously or they’ll think they’ve found the wrong profile. If your Instagram doesn’t have up to date information about your studio, then people won’t look at it because it isn’t an accurate representation of where you are now and what you are up to. If you want to develop your brand on Instagram, you need to dedicate yourself to being your own best source of information when it comes to your business.

Represent Yourself

You don’t have to follow social media trends to be trendy. Focus on what makes you and your studio unique. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post videos of your classes doing the latest dance challenges. It just means that you don’t have to do every dance challenge that pops up on your feed. Only make use of trends for content when they can help you better represent your studio and show people what you have to offer. Otherwise, post things that are completely yours and show off what you do best.

Keep it Relevant

Don’t post personal things. You want to establish a personal connection with your followers without turning your business Instagram into a personal account. Share things about your studio that show your excitement for competition, your passion for dance, and your love of community. These will keep your Instagram from being a cold feed of advertisements. Instead, it will be something people will want to use to connect with you.


Now, more than ever, posting content that is high quality is important for creating a successful platform. This is true for pretty much everyone on Instagram, even more so for businesses. Make sure that you aren’t sharing blurry videos or pictures or hard to read graphics on your Instagram. They won’t help you build a successful brand. Focus on developing a standard for the quality of your content, and you’ll be good to go!

Go Above and Beyond

With so many features to play around with, taking full advantage of what Instagram has to offer goes way beyond your profile. Use livestreams, stories, Q&A’s, and of course, your comments to get creative with the ways you interact with your audience and keep them engaged and informed.

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