Becoming the best dancer you can be starts in the studio. The basics that you learn in your first dance classes are built on as you develop your skills and technique. From there, the sky is the limit! That doesn’t mean it’s easy to progress, though, and making sure that you are getting everything you can out of your classes is important. Here are some ways to make sure you are doing just that!

Show Up Ready to Move

Make sure you are ready when you arrive! Have your dancewear on and hair up and make sure you’ve eaten! A great rule of thumb is to show up ready to warm up! Showing up ready will let you focus on class and not a constantly running to-do list. If you forget something, write it down (keep a planner in your dance bag!) so you can get to it after dance.  

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask about something if you are unsure. Asking questions is a great opportunity to learn new things and become a better dancer. Let’s say you are learning new choreography and are not sure what count it starts on. Raise your hand and ask. Your teacher is there to help you grow as a dancer and should be more than happy to answer. Asking questions might seem scary, but really, it shows you want to learn! 

Make Mistakes (Fearlessly)

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! It’s not embarrassing to mess up. Mistakes shows that you are trying, and you can only keep on improving from that point. Use your mistakes, big and small, as motivation. Mistakes show us what skills and techniques we need to practice. Everyone starts at zero when learning something new! You will get it if you put in the work.

Put in the Work Outside of Class

If you really want to make the most out of dance class, you need to practice outside of class, too. Even if you’re just marking the choreography before you go to bed, those extra few minutes can make a big difference. Little exercises like these will improve your memory and reinforce the skills you work on in the studio. Think of this as your dance homework!

Have Fun!

You should dance because you love it, so remember why you’re in class in the first place. Even if the technique is difficult and takes practice or you’re not dancing to your favorite song, enjoy the process and where it will take you. And, of course, remember that you are an absolute rockstar!