For many people, the start of a new year is a chance to start over, change, and begin work on new goals. Some people jump head-on into the new year, but most of us, start off by setting goals and figuring out how to approach them – AKA New Year’s resolutions. Making a resolution allows us to outline and picture what we want before working on those goals to make this year better than the last.

A dancer’s resolutions are just like anyone else’s, but with a little extra passion, but that doesn’t mean that dancers have an easier time figuring out what they want to work on throughout the year. Here are some resolutions to inspire and motivate you this year!

Triumph Over Technique

Why not spend 2018 working on specific parts of your dance abilities? For instance, if you do not feel as though your leaps are high enough or your movements are big enough, make a plan to develop your technique in the areas you want to improve. Once you have a plan, you only have to put in the work to carry it through to reach your goals!

Pointe Your Toes in New Directions

One of the amazing things about dance is the way it can connect you to people all over the world. Why not take advantage of that? Try to find dance intensives and performance opportunities that take you to places you have never been before! You never know what you might experience or who you might meet when you dance your way across new stages.

Expand Your Horizons

Being a dancer does not mean that your only focus should be dancing! Use your New Year’s resolutions to guide you in other interests alongside your goals as a dancer. If you love to do something, you should do it! Explore all of your talents.

Take Care of Yourself

Dancing is hard work and a lot of exercise! Because of that, it can be easy to overwork and overextend yourself. Set out goals and a plan that allow you to continue to improve as a dancer while also taking care of yourself mentally and physically. You can’t continue to improve if you get burnt out overdoing it!

Play the Part

Dancers are performers, and acting can be a large part of that performance. Dedicate this year to working on your performative abilities. Practice facial expressions in the mirror. Explore the different ways you can manipulate a dance move to convey emotion. The more you are able to convey emotion on stage, the better your performances will be!

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