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It is officially summertime! That means no school, warmer weather, more sunshine, and more time for friends! And what better way to spend your summer than hanging out with your dance friends in and out of the studio? Here are some fun and low-cost summer activities to do with your teammates:

Make Friendship Bracelets

This is a super cute idea that involves the whole team. Team bracelets or friendship bracelets can be a one-hour or all-day project depending on how many you want to make! You could make them match by doing your team’s colors, names, or make unique bracelets with everyone’s names, nicknames, or numbers. Don’t forget beads, charms, and sparkles!

Throw a Themed Party

What better way to kick off the summer than by having a party? Have a luau or pool day or pick a theme from a movie such as Luca. Just make sure everything is bright and full of summer vibes. Depending on the inspiration, dress up as characters or in colors and patterns that match the party. Have fun snacks, and plan a few activities like karaoke, a movie that matches the theme, a spa night, etc.

Recreate a Music Video from a Summer Movie or Show

This is a classic dance activity that everyone is sure to have fun doing. Start by picking a fun summer-themed movie or show like Teen Beach or High School Musical. Then split your dancers into multiple different teams. Have each team pick a different musical number from the movie and have them recreate it to the best of their ability. Have your coaches pick a winner. For an extra challenge, require each team to add their own unique change to the number or must match a certain amount of the original routine.

Have a Beach or Pool Day

This is a super simple and basic summer activity, but is it really any wonder it’s a classic? Sometimes all you need to have a good time is a place and time to relax and have fun, and who doesn’t love a day at the beach or pool? There is something fun for everyone from games and laying out to swimming, and doing flips in the sand. 

Have a Team Picnic

If you want an activity that provides an opportunity for team bonding, then a picnic is perfect! Have everyone bring a different snack and drink, pick a place to meet, and bring activities. You could play fun icebreaker games, such as two truths and a lie and would you rather, before moving onto bigger activities like tug-of-war and water balloon fights. 

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