Jess Cranney

The season for auditioning for college dance teams is approaching! Every college does auditions differently, but overall they have a similar concept. It is completely normal to feel nervous especially when you don’t know what to expect. If you are considering auditioning for a team, these tips for being prepared will help ease your anxiety and make the whole process a little less daunting.

Wear the Proper Attire

Start with the basics! Make sure that if they have a dress code you follow it as closely as you can. Being attentive to the directions outlined in the audition posting will make a good impression. Along with that, keep jewelry very minimal or none at all. This is something that coaches and teachers typically don’t want to see at dance practice. Make sure you look clean and put together, have your nails nice, your hair slicked back, etc. 

Attend the college prep clinics

Clinics are more helpful than you might think! Even if you attend a clinic for a different school than you are auditioning for, this is good experience to get. They will give you a better understanding of what the coaches are looking for, what tricks the team does, and how to present yourself in a group of auditioning dancers. 

Improve Your Technique

You can truly never be done improving your technique. There is nothing that college coaches love more than a dancer with great technique. If you keep working at it, it will forever be in your favor in the dance world. There are great resources out there such as YouTube videos, one-on-ones with your dance teachers, and conventions. Find a way to incorporate more technique training into your schedule and you will not regret it. 

Know the Audition’s Style

This is a common mistake that dancers make when they arrive at an audition. Some colleges do different styles of dance with their dance team. The most common ones are jazz, hip hop, and jazz funk. However, there are teams that do more or less than just those styles. So, make sure to do some research on how the team dances before arriving so you can prepare accordingly. 

Come Prepared

The best way to make a good impression from the start is to show up ready to dance. That means your attire, being stretched, knowing the songs, and style of the team. A lot of this information can typically be found in the audition call, but doing your own research on the team and even the coaches is a good way to be at your best, too. Coaches will love this as it shows that you care and are serious about being there.