Last year, Estelle Fox’s debut single “Crazy” brought us an exploration of toxic relationships wrapped in Estelle’s vocals and piano skills (with a dash of musical theater inspiration). Since then, she has been releasing singles leading up to her first full project, a six-song EP titled The Prettiest Parts of Me.

Estelle loved giving each single she’s released so far “individual attention,” but getting to share the full ensemble of songs, including the previously unreleased “Calm,” is something she’s been waiting for. Estelle told us that putting out this music has been a journey in establishing her sound.

One of Estelle’s goals with her music is to be able to tell authentic stories and share raw emotions, even the darker ones. This is true of all the songs on The Prettiest Parts of Me. “I feel like, in art, it’s important to be able to express those things,” Estelle said. “So, with the EP, I really wanted to be able to explore those darker feelings and destigmatize them with my music.” She also shared that despite her mom saying she needs to write happier music, she sees this theme carrying over into future music even as she closes this chapter of her life. “I’m not saying there won’t be happier music, but I think that as I continue to experience these negative feelings throughout my life and learn to cope with them, I think it’s definitely something I’ll continue to touch on.”

This is how the project’s title came to be as well. Originally thought up as a bit of a joke, Estelle explained that The Prettiest Parts of Me title was a jab at the darker things she’s sharing in her music. But, in those negative emotions is a lot of vulnerability, “and that’s something I could kind of consider beautiful.”

Jamie Cabreza

Right now, Estelle’s favorite song on the EP is “Villain Story.” She likes the dramatics of the song. “I just think that it’s very dark, and I kind of see it in a TV show or something like that.” It’s actually the newest addition to Estelle’s discography that is her favorite to perform live, thhough. Of “Calm,” the fourth song on the EP, Estelle shared, “It’s really unlike all of the other songs that I’ve created. It’s more like folky pop I would say.” While The Prettiest Parts of Me deals with some heavy themes and emotions, “Calm” is one of the more uplifting songs on the EP. “It’s a little bit sad, but it definitely has more of a happier tone to it.”

While we’ve been anxiously waiting for Estelle to release new singles, she has been working her way into live performance—while balancing being a senior in high school and working on new music. She likes being on stage. “I think it’s just easier to really get into my music and feel more connected to the lyrics, just because I feel like it’s almost like I’m telling a story or I’m venting to someone.”

Estellle performs with a piano. “I always have my keyboard with me,” she said. “It’s a very important part of the performance. I couldn’t imagine performing on another instrument as much as I do on piano.” Piano is an Estelle essential. Many of her songs start on piano, and it is a major part of many of her full-produced instrumentals as well. You can hear Estelle on the keys throughout The Prettiest Parts of Me.

The EP is out now, and Estelle is excited to see people’s reactions to the project and to “Calm.” Beyond the EP, she shared that she is excited to “have this chapter of my life and my work over.” Estelle has been writing throughout this process, but now she can start really focusing on new music. She’s excited to get back in the studio!

The Prettiest Parts of Me is out now! While you’re streaming “Calm” and “Villain Story,” you can also keep up with Estelle on Instagram, TikTok, and her website