1. Live Your Own Fairy Tale

The things that make other people happy might not make you happy. Make sure that you are taking paths that lead to your happily ever after and not someone else’s.

2. Embrace Your True Colors

Nothing is more unique than a unicorn! Well, except for you! Don’t let anyone or anything convince you that you should be anything but your magically unique self.

3. Get to the Point

We usually don’t have time in our lives to make excuses about what we can and can’t do. Be decisive!

4. Remember Your Magic

The things that make you awesome, your talents, your quirks, everything that makes you you, are your magic! They make you stand out and help you add your own flair to everything you do. Don’t forget or hide them.

5. Look for Rainbows Behind Every Cloud

Nothing bad lasts forever. Look on the bright side of everything and nothing will ever get you down.

6. Be Legendary

Don’t settle for less than your best! The harder you try and the bigger you dream, the more amazing things will come your way.

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