The weather is getting warmer. The fashion is getting paler (bring on the pastels!). It’s officially spring! Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t mean a lot of change for dancers, but it’s time to change that. The spring season is all about regrowth. Let’s regrow your dance routine to embrace spring and shake things up.

Exercise Outside

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If you have outdoor space that will allow you to move some of your routines outside, why not exercise in the fresh air? Of course, you can’t practice all of your competition routines outside (you’ll still need the studio for that), but you can take a yoga mat out into the sunshine to do your stretches or, if you do other exercises to stay fit for dance, look for ways to do them outside. Leave the treadmill behind and go for a run in your neighborhood.

Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

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Spring fashion heavily embraces light, airy colors, floral patterns, and pretty much anything else that reminds us of all the beauty outside after the drab neutral winter scenery. Bring these influences into your dance wardrobe. Try finding a new leotard in a pastel hue of your favorite color, or add some floral tights or leggings (or, if you’re feeling really bold, shoes) to your usual dance outfit. New clothes always make you feel fresh, but new spring-inspired clothes will make you feel like you’ve just bloomed.


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