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It’s all about putting good in the world for singer Alis Vibe. From general positivity to her belief in spirit guides, Alis finds music to be healing as much as it is art. “There’s nothing more powerful than sound…Music feeds my heart and soul and makes me believe in magic.” With her new EP Reborn, Alis hopes to share some of that magic with her listeners.

Inspired by artists like Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury who she sees “chang[ing] the world with their sounds and lyrics,” Alis has created a sound that is a combination of pop (“the 90s to date”), the European music she grew up with (Alis is from Milan, Italy!), and “a modern and fresh touch of EDM that is never too much.” This collage of styles and influences comes out in Reborn as a representation of Alis’ exploration of herself and music over the course of this project.

Alis calls that work a “transformation.” Becoming more intentional with her words and music, Alis feels self-aware, something she sees as “hard to find but essential to heal.” One of her goals with Reborn was to capture this transformation and self-awareness and create something honest. The overall message? Trusting ourselves and trusting the process is difficult, but it is doable, and you never know who you might come out as on the other side.

With dance-pop songs on Reborn, we can see Alis’ love of movement. She says that her music and dance are “definitely engaged!” Part of her process is imagining what it would be like to dance to her songs as she writes them. These songs go from ukelele acoustics to fully-produced songs with dance infused into them, “taking over and bringing the rhythm alive.” When Alis dances, she says, “I dance with freedom! I listen to my body and follow the rhythm of the sounds!” From hip hop to more lyrical movements, Reborn is an EP about change. It’s no wonder we can get up and move to it, however the music takes us.

Of the six songs on Reborn, Alis calls her summer single “Surfing the Light” her favorite. “It’s hard to choose! Let’s say that ‘Surfing the Light’ gave me the motivation to start this whole project and the beginning is always the hardest part. I think that without that song I wouldn’t be here now.” All of the songs mean a lot to Alis. Part of her excitement in releasing this project has been seeing people connect with the meaning of each song and her intentions.

Reborn is “intentional music.” It’s a personal journey of trust and growth translated into music. “Still fun, cool, and dance, but at the same time with a subtle and deep meaning.” It is available to stream now.

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