Netflix’s Over The Moon follows Fei Fei on an adventure to the moon to prove that the moon goddess her late mother taught her about is real. Little does Fei Fei know that her stepbrother Chin will tag along, and their adventure to find the goddess, Chang’e, will be more complicated than building a rocket and taking a photo.

A musical movie, Over The Moon, is full of dancing and singing, and Chang’e’s performance of “Ultraluminary” at her moon festival concert might be the most iconic dance in the film. If you’ve ever wanted to channel your own extraordinary, ultraluminary moon goddess vibes, you’re in luck.

Over The Moon choreographer Kyle Hanagami and a team of backup dancers break down the “Ultraluminary” choreography, so you can perform like Chang’e. (Don’t worry. You don’t need to learn how to fly for this routine.) Now you can show off how awesome you are anywhere under the sun (and moon).