Photo Credit: Kara Sheridan 

Nashville-based indie rock trio Goldpark released their new single “Lady Lightyear” over the weekend, and it’s the perfect addition to your good vibes playlist. The song is the first single on their forthcoming sophomore EP Goldpark Two coming later this year.

“Lady Lightyear” is described as an “intergalactic love affair—a man falls in love with a woman unbound by time and space and has an experience so spectacular that he feels like he may never love again,” but the song doesn’t feel like a sci-fi. Soft sounds and vivid lyrics keeps this gravity-defying love story grounded.

Goldpark shared their thoughts on the song, “Love is the closest thing that we have to magic. It’s the only thing that drives us to cross countries, oceans, or even galaxies. There are traces of love in every truly great thing that we can see, hear, or touch. All great art comes from some form of love. It doesn’t all look the same though. Sometimes it’s the fear of love. Or maybe the feeling of being broken over love. But it’s all love.”

A love song and a chill listen, Goldpark calls “Lady Lightyear” “a song for all of the Milky Way and beyond to enjoy together.” It might just be time to start a new playlist! What is the vibe for this starry-eyed love song? Goldpark gives this advice to their listeners, “Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars. Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars.”