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Happy first Monday of May, fashion fiends! This evening, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is closed in preparation for the annual Met Gala. The red carpet is only hours away, so while the celebrities get dressed, we’re preparing for the live stream. Read on for all the details about how to catch the red carpet stream.

How to Watch The Met Gala 2022

The Met Gala red carpet starts today at 6:00PM ET, and while the gala itself is private, the red carpet is streamed for everyone to watch. This year, the Met Gala stream is hosted by Vogue and the stream will be on their website, InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. You can sign up to be notified with Met Gala updates from Vogue here.

The Met will also be hosting red carpet coverage on its website.

The Exhibit

The 2022 Met Gala will be a continuation of the delayed September 2021 Met Gala In America: A Lexicon of FashionThis sequel event is titled In America: An Anthology of Fashion.

The Met Gala says the An Anthology of Fashion exhibit “will explore the foundations of American fashion through a series of sartorial displays featuring individual designers and dressmakers who worked in the United States from the 19th to the mid-late 20th century.” The exhibition will feature approximately 100 examples of men’s and women’s clothing dating from the 19th to the mid-late 20th century with a focus on the stories fashion can tell about American lives “from the personal to the political, the stylistic to the cultural, and the aesthetic to the ideological.”

The exhibit opens to the public Saturday, May 7, 2022.

The Dress Code

This year’s dress code is “Gilded Glamour” in honor of the Gilded Age fashion that the exhibit encompasses. A little more specific than last year’s “American Independence” theme, we’re hoping to see everything from big skirts to bold patterns as designers try to capture the massive amount of time covered by the theme.

The Gilded Age industrialization as well as the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. These time periods had conversations that came from a variety of influences from leisure activities to major cultural issues like prohibition, child labor, women’s suffrage, and the rights of Black Americans. Outside of the glamour of Victorian lifestyles and aesthetics, there are many stories to tell with the looks on the red carpet tonight.