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Teen singer, actress, and fashionista KG Crown started her career as a model, appearing in ads for various brands around the country. Now, she’s diving into music. More than that, KG wants to use music to bring awareness to and stand up against bullying! We caught up with KG to get an inside look at her advocacy and her experiences with bullying as well as her upcoming single and the summer EP it’s a part of.

Showstopper Magazine Online: What drew you to music?

KG Crown: Music was a calling for me. I heard a voice when I was 7 years old telling me to “sing to the world,” and I instantly knew that was what I was meant to do with my life. Being a girl of strong faith, I never questioned that. The very next day, I sang in front of an entire church. It was my first time singing in front of anyone ever. After that, I started a sibling band with my three brothers. We had that band for six years before they decided to pursue other interests and I became a solo artist.

Don’t ever let someone knock off your crown.

SMO: You’re an anti-bullying advocate as well. What does that mean to you? 

KG: I am a victim of bullying. The more successful I became in my music career, the more I was bullied. The two seemed to go hand in hand. The crazy thing is, I wasn’t just bullied by other kids, I was also bullied by grown adults. There were parents in my hometown that tried to call the authorities on me… just for wearing crop tops… LOL! These adults also started really awful and outrageous rumors about me. It was absurd things like that I had gotten plastic surgery which obviously is totally untrue!

Photographer: Ben Cope

No one should be bullied and harassed just for pursuing their dreams.

It completely wrecked and changed my life. No one should be bullied and harassed just for pursuing their dreams. I have been blessed with a large platform and it is continuing to grow. If I can partner with anti-bullying organizations and share my story or help someone else going through a similar experience, then that means A LOT to me. No one deserves to be bullied.

SMO: How does your music play a role in raising awareness about bullying and encouraging your fans to be confident?

KG: In real life, I am a confident person but pretty reserved. When I’m performing, I am bold and sassy. A different side of me comes out. It is almost an alter ego. I’m known for wearing crowns on my head, and I believe that as individuals we are all kings and queens. We all deserve to be treated and treat ourselves like royalty. If I had one message for my fans, it would be don’t ever let someone knock off your crown. 

SMO: What inspired your upcoming single “Bad”?

KG: “Bad” was written and inspired by the bullying I went through. Writing that song is how I was able to process that trauma. I didn’t want to write a sad song. I wanted to write a sassy song that made me feel empowered and strong. I wanted a song telling my bullies that they would never win. And I hope that it inspires other kids who are being bullied to stand up for themselves and to not let other people define who they are. 

SMO: How does “Bad” fit in with your other forthcoming releases for the year?

KG: All the songs on my EP are very sassy. The songs are quite different from each other though.  I think the common thread is just the style of music and the K-pop, hip-hop, and rap influences you will hear. I tried to create an identifiable sound that was clearly KG Crown.

Sometimes it helps just to know you are not alone. 

SMO: What’s next in your advocacy work?

KG: I plan to partner with some anti-bullying organizations and speak around the world.  I’d love to share my story and hopefully inspire or help someone else going through something similar. Sometimes it helps just to know you are not alone. 

KG’s single “Bad” is the first song off of her upcoming EP. The sassy single comes out on July 23.

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