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“Keep trying and don’t give up,”–this lesson from dance class has taught 9-year-old Kingston Foster to dream and try her hand at pretty much everything. The young star is a dancer, cheerleader, singer, and actor with an obvious enthusiasm for everything she does.

An up-and-coming Disney star, Kingston made her zombie debut in Disney’s Zombies (2018). As the younger sister of Zed (played by Milo Manheim), Kingston’s character Zoey watches as supernatural conflict and high school drama come to a head in the town of Seabrook. In the end, (spoilers?) it turns out zombies and humans can get along (No more anti-monster laws. Yay!)–and Kingston makes zombie green hair the ultimate fashion trend.

Zombies 2 debuts this week, on Valentine’s Day, but it looks like the characters are going to have to work to spread the love around. The town is up against a new challenge when they welcome a pack of rowdy werewolves into the school with open arms. Obviously, drama ensues (It is high school, after all.), but Kingston loves the werewolves. She even shares that she’d go for the werewolves signature purple over zombie green. “They have amazing style and fashion, and they really know who they are. I just think it’s amazing the way the werewolves be themselves.”

For Seabrook, the werewolves’ appearance means tension, but Kingston felt differently about the sequel during filming. “For me as an actor, it meant more cast members and more fun!” One of Kingston’s favorite memories? Werewolf sleepovers. “I had so many girls’ nights with the werewolves. They were so much fun.”

This attitude matches Zoey. It’s no wonder, Kingston shares with us, that she finds the young zombie cheerleader so relatable. “She’s a very happy, uplifting person–or zombie, I guess,” Kingston told us about Zoey. “She doesn’t see it as ‘I’m a zombie. I’m different.’ She fits right in, and she’s like, ‘I’m a zombie, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m going to be who I am.'”

Zoey is still happy and uplifting in the new film, and Kingston’s excitement about werewolves is part of her character’s experience, too. “Zoey really wants a werewolf friend.” In the film, a young werewolf joins Zoey’s class, and while the rest of Seabrook isn’t sure what to do with the newcomers, Zoey is excited to potentially have another friend that isn’t human. “She sees herself as a regular person, and she thinks a werewolf could be just like her.”

Disney Channel’s Zombies 2 will premiere on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020. Until then, you can see Kingston as Zoey helping her big brother with his prawnposal in the sneak peek above.

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