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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Laura Bryna brought us a powerful country anthem earlier this year. When we spoke to Laura about her song “Jawbreaker” in October, she was already excited to tease her next project, an original Christmas song. Now “Wish List” is here along with another Christmas surprise.

Prepare yourself to enter Laura’s winter wonderland. From “Wish List” and its very merry music video to a children’s picture book inspired by Laura’s real-life pet parrots, this country singer seems to have taken one of Santa’s shifts with all the gifts she’s giving to her fans. We caught up with Laura to hear how it all came together and what makes each of these projects so special.

Showstopper Magazine Online: You have two exciting Christmas projects out now! What has it been like to work on a Christmas song and children’s book?

Laura Bryna: Absolutely super! It has been such a joy to create a Christmas-related song and book! A very fun memory of writing the song “Wish List” was standing in Dallas airport waiting to catch a plane to Nashville, and literally singing the melody of the song as it came to me down the phone to my producer—I was getting quite a few stares and smiles! Haha! 

SMO: What were your inspirations for your song “Wish List”? 

Laura: I wanted to create a song that sounded like a throwback to the old classics. A song of joy, innocence, and the magical feelings surrounding Christmas and the holiday season.

SMO: “Wish List” also has a music video that is practically straight out of a snow globe! What inspired the music video story? 

Laura: You totally got it! The video is “life in a snow globe!” The team at Tailgate in Nashville, where it was filmed, really created a visual feast—almost like Alice wandering into Wonderland, but a winter wonderland! 

SMO: Do you have any favorite moments from filming?

Laura: I know it sounds cheesy, but I loved making the whole thing. From make-up and wardrobe, right through to watching fake snow falling from the studio roof. Oh, and acting with Santa was super fun! There is a real sense of excitement when on a studio set, and I love that feeling…I love shoot days! 

SMO: Your children’s book The Christmas Tradition is inspired by memories of your father and your own parrots. Can you talk about creating this story and what it means to you?

Laura: I am a huge bird lover and own several beautiful parrots. Just before my father passed, we went on a road trip traveling cross country with three parrots! I decided to document our adventure. Using our birds as inspiration, The Christmas Tradition is really about giving back, giving to the less fortunate, and being kind, especially over the holidays. This means so much to me personally. This is my family’s own Christmas traditions, portrayed in a book. 

Left: Marina Chavez

SMO: You and your real-life parrots feature in the book. Have you shown it to them? 

Laura: Haha! Oh, I’ve read it to them and shown them exactly who is who in the book! Pretty sure they think they are famous now!

SMO: Do you have a favorite part of the book? 

Laura: It’s got to be when the birds play “Secret Santa” and quietly deliver gifts on the porch…then go hide and watch reactions! 

SMO: The book can be read or sung. What was it like to bring your writing and music together in that way?

Laura: It was a blast! I loved it. What a joy to bring my love of music and writing together to create a book that I hope promotes kindness, positivity, and giving back. That’s what Christmas means to me. 

Book lovers, music fans, and everyone who loves Christmas can transport themselves to the best parts of the holiday with Laura’s winter wonderland of music and giving. There are so many ways to get in the Christmas spirit with Laura.

“Wish List” is streaming now on all music platforms. If Laura’s book is on your wishlist, you can grab a copy of The Christmas Tradition now on Laura’s website,

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