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Country pop singer-songwriter Laura Bryna’s latest song is a powerful anthem that she hopes instills confidence in her listeners. “Jawbreaker” takes on authenticity with attitude as a kind of “so what, this is me” to anyone that stands in the way of self-confidence. While “Jawbreaker” has been capturing hearts and climbing country music charts, Bryna has been preparing to release the accompanying music video.

We talked to Laura about the making of the “Jawbreaker” video and how she crafted her jawbreaking persona. Plus, check out an exclusive first look at the music video!

Showstopper Magazine Online: Hi, Laura! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Laura Bryna: Hey! I’m Laura Bryna! I’m a country-pop singer-songwriter, author, and a big lover of birds! 

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SMO: What inspired your new single “Jawbreaker”?

Laura: I wanted to write a powerful, sassy, in-your-face, attitude song. An anthem to honor the confidence, strength, the bravery, the courage, the power of women, and that we can accomplish anything we set our minds and hearts to. It’s a song about believing in yourself—be the best authentic you!!

SMO: The single has reached number one on the HotDisc UK/European Independent ChartsWhat has it been like to see people enjoying this song?

Laura: It is such a thrill to know people are connecting with the song and that there is a sense of feeling that their voice is being heard. It’s always a songwriter’s joy to know your words and music are tapping directly into human emotions. It is truly a blessing!

SMO: People on TikTok are using the “Just don’t say that I never warned you / ain’t no breaking me” section of the song for makeup transformations and highlighting life changes. What do you think of this trend?

Laura: LOVE IT! TikTok really has given us such an amazing interactive platform for music, video, art, makeup, and all things visual for people around the world to show their creativity and what they take delight in. Watching people find their confidence and voice on platforms like TikTok is awe-inspiring! Everyone has a story to be told, and there is collective power in sharing that story!


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SMO: In the “Jawbreaker” music video, you take on the role of a kick-butt character who takes out her enemies and leaves them with a literal jawbreaker candy. What inspired this?

Laura: The director of the video, Justin Key from Taillight, Nashville had a very clear vision on how “Jawbreaker” would look on film. The theming of the video was influenced by old-school films like Roadhouse, Moulin Rouge and of course Jawbreaker. The video is super fun, a bit cheeky… and a whole lot of GIRL POWER!

SMO: What was your favorite part of filming the music video? Do you have a favorite scene?

Laura: I absolutely love putting a video shoot together! I love dressing up, working with a great hair and makeup team, working with a great director, film crew, and of course, other talented actors! 

Film shoot days have a “one team one dream” vibe to them—we all come together on a mission to create the best finished product that we possibly can. One of my favorite scenes from the video is when I’m on stage performing to the crowd. That human-to-human connection is unbeatable. I literally feed off the energy of a crowd and I think it shows on film. So much fun!

SMO: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or music?

Laura: My music as a whole represents my personality. I lay it all out there! I believe it’s my mission to help others find their own confidence, love, acceptance, and joy in life. My music is a collective journey of shared emotions—and those emotions can be a rollercoaster! I feel it’s so important for us all to connect with each other and find common grounds. I want my music to bring us together, not divide. There is so much beauty in the world, we need to embrace it and share the love!

Oh, and look out for my next music release for the Holiday Season—an original song called “Wish List.” Stay tuned! 

Check out Laura’s video for “Jawbreaker” below!

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