In case you didn’t know, Lilly K of Dance Moms is constantly up to new and exciting things. Whether she is modeling, interviewing for Showstopper Magazine, or preparing to introduce her alter ego Rebessika to the world, she is always up to something. Lilly’s latest big announcement is a new line of dancewear for the Lilly K Collection with Oh La La Dancewear. We talked with Lilly about the collection, becoming a fashion designer, and where the collection is headed in the future.

Photo provided by Lilly K
Lilly has always drawn and designed her own leotards. It wasn’t until two years ago when Oh La La Dancewear approached Lilly about creating a signature collection of dancewear that her designs could be worn by all of her fans. The Lilly K Collection is a new take on dancewear designed to be comfortable and unique. “I just like to be different because everyone is different,” Lilly says about the collection. Each item in the collection is meant to add a unique piece of clothing to a dancer’s wardrobe that is comfortable and versatile whether they are in the studio or hanging out with friends.

“Beauty is comfort.”

The latest addition to the Lilly K Collection is The Tiffany Collection, a line of Lilly K dancewear featuring twelve new items inspired by the aesthetic of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s which is a favorite of Lilly’s mom. The inspiration for the collection is showcased in Tiffany blues that highlight a classic overall black and white aesthetic.
Typically, Lilly and her mom find inspiration for dancewear in popular fashion, but the movie’s aesthetic just stuck out to them as the perfect element to add to the already fabulous collection. Many of the items in the collection are simple ensembles brought to life by subtle details like bows, polka dots, and ruffles. The Tiffany Collection turns a day at the studio into an A-list party in New York City.
Photo provided by Lilly K

A quick look at the Lilly K Collection will show you an array of items modeled by Lilly herself. “It’s kind of unbelievable,” Lilly says of modeling the collection. She loves modeling the collection because she gets to model her creations which also happen to be some of her favorite clothes. The only thing as exciting as modeling her own clothes is getting to see other people wear them.

In the future, Lilly is proud to announce that new additions to the Lilly K Collection will be introduced more frequently. “Every month there will be something new,” she says. Wondering what could be next? Keep up with Lilly. She’s sure that the style of the dancewear will grow as she does!
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