Zachary Drew

Already a TikTok favorite, pop singer-songwriter Maryon King’s new single “Boys Will Be Boys” is finally here. After teasing fans on TikTok with clips of the song, “Boys Will Be Boys” is out now.

“Your mama raised such a pretty boy, and I’m not ashamed that I fell for it,” Maryon sings on the track. She says “Boys Will Be Boys” is “about the fickle nature of modern relationships—or ‘situationships’—where the person you thought cared about you only wants you for your body.” After releasing three singles last year, this track marks Maryon’s return and the first song reveal from her debut EP which we will hopefully be hearing more of soon.

A soulful track, “Boys Will Be Boys” is a moody pop anthem with a powerful message streaming now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Deezer.