Kid star Ryan Buggle has been playing Noah Benson on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for the past two years, but this season he’s excited to share another one of his passions with his character–dancing. “He’s becoming a dancer,” Ryan says. “He’s showing other boys that it is awesome to be a dancer and I am so grateful that I am lucky enough to have that platform.”

In a press release about the latest development in Noah Benson’s life, Ryan says, “I’m so beyond excited to be given the opportunity to dance on SVU. The producers, writers, Mariska, the entire cast and crew have been so supportive. I hope that I can inspire parents who watch the show to encourage their child regardless of gender or ability to try a dance class.”

Noah won’t be the only character dancing in this season of SVU, though. “They are casting some of my real-life dance friends to be in Noah’s dance class,” Ryan tells us. “Mixing those worlds and giving these opportunities to my friends has been so much fun.”

Aside from dancing this season, Ryan is just happy to have the best on-screen mom he could ask for. “I’m excited to see how Olivia and Noah’s relationship changes as he gets older,” he says. “And I’m super excited that I already was able to film a scene with Ice-T this year because no one is cooler than Ice!”

Ryan has also partnered with the clothing line Jake Nothing to create Limitless by Ryan, a dance-themed collection designed by the young dancer himself. The first design, which pictures a dancer on a taxi in front of the New York City skyline, is now live. “I designed this shirt in partnership with Jake Nothing and talented artist Elise Lefebvre to showcase my love for dance in NYC, a place where you are always welcomed in class.” A portion of each shirt sold will benefit Dancing Dreams, a non-profit organization in NYC that provides dance classes to children with medical or physical challenges. 

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