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“life goal: boop all the dog noses in the world❤️🐶”–that’s what Paxton Booth’s–AKA Ollie Wrather–Instagram bio reads.

Paxton is always updating his fans on his adventures with pictures posted to his Instagram page, but since Season 2 of Coop and Cami Ask the World premiered on Saturday, October 5, his character Ollie Wrather is back on Disney Channel for all the fun we’ve come to expect from him.

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You’ve got a friend in me ♥️

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“I’m super excited for the new season,” Paxton Booth says. “You get to learn a little more about Ollie,” Paxton tells us that Season 2 will show his character, Oliver growing up all around, but this season will also showcase a new musical side. “He’s pretty good!”

“I like to say
I have a voice

Paxton is pretty good, too. One of the instruments we can expect to see Ollie taking on is the piano which Paxton is also learning. We probably won’t see any major singing moments from Ollie though. “I like to say I have a voice for shower,” Paxtons jokes.

Musical adventures aren’t the only things that Paxton is getting into this season though. As fans of the show well know, Coop and Cami features plenty of hilarious stunts that include everything from giant props to animal costumes. Paxton performs a lot of those stunts himself.

“I do a lot of harness work,” Paxton explains that many of his stunts include him being attached to a cable and a harness that allow him to fly through the air for various Wrather family antics. “I think my favorite stunt that I’ve done is I was in a big spider costume and I was, like, propelling form the ceiling!”

While Paxton loves doing stunts on the show and hopes to do more acting that requires him to build on his stunting skills, he does stunts off-set as well. Paxton practices both BMX biking and skateboarding. “I think that’s kind of a daredevil kind of thing,” he says about the hobby he picked up from his dad who used to be an editor for a BMX magazine. His dad is slowly teaching him how to do new things that will eventually help Paxton build up to bigger tricks.

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In the same way that some of Paxton’s home-grown daredevil qualities give him activities to bond with his dad, he sees Ollie enjoying the unpredictable and hilarious “Would You Wrather” stream because it brings the Wrather family together. “I think he just likes spending time with his brother and sister,” Paxton says.

“The slime
got in places
I don’t want slime to be!”

The stunts are up there on Ollie’s list of favorites, too. “The stunts coming up in this season are really fun.” Some of the stunts we can look forward to in Season 2 include a Wheel of Fortune style “Wheel of Ollie” that left Paxton dizzy and a giant pipe cleaner suit and slime mess. “It was weird and gross. The slime got in places I don’t want slime to be!” Paxton was green for three or four days, but, he says, “I was a leprechaun for a few days, so it kind of worked out.”

Embracing Wrather drama and going to the skatepark aren’t the only things Paxton is up to. He also spends time going to swap meets and car shows to get up close and personal with his other passion.

“I think I kind of grew up with a love of cars.” Paxton’s parents owned hot rods, and he’s no stranger to the car scene. In fact, he owns a massive collection of 1,340 Hot Wheels cars ranging in age from the early years of Hot Wheels all the way to the present.

“I think
I kind of
grew up with
a love of

Paxton doesn’t have a favorite piece of his collection, though. When we asked him what his favorite car is, he opted to quote hot rod racer and car designer Caroll Shelby, “My favorite car is the next one.”

That doesn’t mean there aren’t special cars in his custom-built wall display. One car from 1969 or 1970 certainly stands out. “I love all of my Hot Wheels cars,” he says, “but I do have one that’s very special.” One of the camera crew members from Coop and Cami, Kenny, brought his old collection of Hot Wheels cars to set after talking about them with Paxton. “He gave me this fire department car at the end of the first season.”


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This is something Paxton loves about the little cars–each one has its own story. He goes to swap meets to find cars from all different backgrounds to add to his collection. In May 2019, Paxton even served as a judge for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour alongside Jay Leno. He is the youngest judge to-date for Hot Wheels.

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Halloween at #disneyland never disappoints! 🎃

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Paxton jumps headfirst into everything he does, and that includes Halloween. He is currently gearing up for the spooky season with the rest of us which is no surprise, based on his love of scary movies. “I love watching monster movies which are actually a little bit different from horror,” Paxton says. “It’s more about the monster instead of the gore.” It’s the monster’s backstory that makes Paxton a die-hard Tim Burton fan. “He makes you feel for the monster.” (Fun fact: Paxton’s all-time favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.)

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love a good scare, though. Paxton tells us, “I would love to be that creepy scary guy that scares all the kids.” Why? Well, among other reasons, the special effects makeup. “I just want to sit in that makeup chair for a few hours and get all that crazy makeup on.”

Paxton has done some light makeup for Coop and Cami but nothing as complicated as the prosthetics he sees in some of his favorite movies like Beetlejuice which, given the opportunity, he would love to star in (and maybe even bring some of his signature harness stunts to the trickster spirit the film is named after).

He’ll have to put the green hair and striped suit on hold for now, though. Paxton’s whole family goes all out at Halloween. They even own a life-sized Jack Skellington in their yard. (Though they save Jack for Christmas now.) This year, they are going as Oogie’s Boys; Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Adam Booth

Taking on big projects seems to be Paxton’s thing. “I would love to start my own clothing line,” he says. “I love my Scooby-Doo shirts and my Spongebob shirts, but I don’t want to wear them every day.” Paxton wants to take adult clothing styles and turn them into kid-sized looks. “It’s just more fashionable for kids.”

“Just be yourself,
never be afraid
to be you,
and stay rad.”

Should he get to share his fashion designs with the world, Paxton is imagining a line with no gender labels. “I think it will help bullying in schools because I know I got picked on for wearing pink ‘girl’s’ pants or whatever.”

Right now, Paxton is just excited to see how Season 2 of Coop and Cami looks on the other side of the screen.”Every time the show airs on Saturday morning, our whole family gets up, and we all watch it together.” Paxton doesn’t see the full episodes before they air, so he gets to experience all of the fun and excitement of a new episode with his fans. You can enjoy Coop and Cami with Paxton Saturdays at 10:30 AM on Disney Channel.

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