Courtesy of Owen Morgan

Teen actor Owen Morgan found his way to Netflix’s Cobra Kai almost by accident, but since the first season, the show has become his world. In fact, Cobra Kai is what led to Owen seriously pursue his acting career! We caught up with Owen to get an inside look at his character Bert, what it’s been like to watch the show grow over the last four seasons, and maybe get some insight on those Season 5 rumors.

Showstopper Magazine Online: How did you get into acting?

Owen Morgan: I actually got into acting through Cobra Kai! I was a fairly typical middle school kid when my family and I applied to be extras during the first season, and I was asked to come in for about a week. That turned into two weeks, and after about a month or so, I was even asked to audition for a cast role! I was so honored to have gotten the part as I was up against some great actors who had a lot more experience. Since then I decided to make acting my main priority!

SMO: You play Bert in Cobra Kai. What is it like to bring him to life? 

Owen: It’s always so fun to be able to play Bert. It comes pretty naturally to me too, so it feels like I get to be a slightly more exaggerated version of myself on the show!

SMO: Season 4 of Cobra Kai came out earlier this year. What was it like behind the scenes of that season?

It was an absolute blast! Every season is so memorable to me because of all the friendly and familiar faces I’ve grown to love over the years. Season 4 was no different, and I got to perform some of my favorite scenes on the show as well! There were definitely differences between the filming processes of Season 4 and the other seasons due to COVID, but the cast and crew did everything they could to stay safe while having a lot of fun on set!

SMO: What are your favorite Season 4 moments?

Owen: I have the most sentimental attachment to the All Valley Tournament and Prom scenes. The All Valley scenes were really reflective of my progress through the show since Bert actually got to score a point! Another highlight of mine is when Nate and I got to be bullies for a scene with Dallas Young, who plays Kenny. Him and other cast members like Oona O’Brien were so much fun to work with for the first time!

SMO: It seems like you particularly enjoyed prom on Cobra Kai. What was it like shooting those scenes?

Owen: I didn’t get to shoot a whole lot overall, but I loved every second of it! I hadn’t actually been to Prom before, so this was a fantastic substitute. I got a great outfit from Frank Helmer, who’s the costume designer, and I got to see everyone else’s cool suits too! Getting to work one-on-one with Paul Walter Hauser again was amazing as well, and he made every take completely different from the last. He was making everyone on the crew absolutely die of laughter!

SMO: You recently posted a Season 1 versus Season 4 picture of you and William Zabka. What has it been like to be part of this cast for four seasons?

Owen: It’s been an absolute honor. It’s truly amazing how talented and friendly everyone on set is, and I’m amazed at how supportive everyone is. I’ve been able to watch everyone around me grow, while they’ve helped me grow too! I spent pretty much all of my teenage youth on this show, so I grew as both an actor and a person over the past few years. I’ve learned so much from everyone on this show, and it has been the most humbling and memorable part of my life so far!

SMO: Rumors about Season 5 are already swirling. Do you have anything you can share? 

Owen: Season 5 will be by far the most insane one yet! Expect more action and drama than ever before!

SMO: What are you most excited about in Bert’s story as the show continues?

Owen: I’m really happy to see how Bert has been growing over the course of the show and gaining the respect of his peers along the way. His skill has improved immensely too which gives him more opportunities to fight. It’s really cool to watch happen, and I can’t wait to see how Bert’s story will progress later!