Peach Martine shared a new look at her single “I Would Have Given You the Moon” over the weekend. In a live studio recording of the song, Peach performs a piano-only version of the ballad that is chilling and emotional.

Peach has called this first look at her next album a “very, very sad song,” and we have to agree with her. Comparing herself to a former loves new partner, she sings about how the new girl is “safe” and “reliable” and “strong” while Peach is “a wildfire” and “a grenade” and “too much.” If you love Peach as much as we do, then you’re probably crying on the floor by the first verse.

If this stripped-down version of the song sounds familiar, you might remember the first time Peach shared some of these lyrics on TikTok, singing with just her piano. Peach definitely found a way to make “I Would Have Given You the Moon” that much more sad and heart-wrenching! Filmed at the OneRPM Studios in New York City, this live performance is going to be even harder to get over than the original song. We’ll never look at the moon the same.

Thank goodness she’s already teasing a “very, very happy” love song titled “Romeo and Juliet” as the second single on this album!

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