For most of this year, you’ve probably been keeping up with Ruby Rose Turner on Disney’s latest show Coop and Cami Ask the World where she and her on-screen brother (played by Dakota Lotus) crowdsource opinions from fans on the internet. Ruby Rose is a social media influencer and actress that quickly became a breakout Disney star this year, and now she’s delving into a new talent, singing. We got to sit down and talk with Ruby about her new song “Ruby Rock” and the dance challenge that came out of its viral music video.

“It’s supposed to make people feel good and want to get up and dance,” Ruby said when we asked her about her new song. The song features upbeat and easy to learn lyrics with a rhythm that makes it perfect for any party playlist.

Josh Killacky choreographed the video which features Ruby, of course, and a world full of dancers including several of Showstopper’s Sparkle Society members. Charlize Glass, Sharlize True, Dylan Conrique, Kyndall Harris, Alexus Oladi and Saryna Garcia all make appearances in Ruby’s colorful world of fun and dance. Together, these dancers transform what Ruby calls “a drab world” into something vibrant and exciting.

Now that Ruby has fulfilled her dream of dancing and singing in a music video. She’s on to even bigger and more exciting projects. Maybe she’ll even bring her passion for dance into Coop and Cami. For now, this triple threat just wants her fans to keep Ruby Rocking!


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