Last week, UK-based singer-songwriter Sapphire released her covers of “Supaloney” by Benee and “Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus. We’ve been jamming to the covers all week, but Sapphire had even more in store for her latest creations. We caught up with her to talk about her “Supalonely” music video and all of the 90s nostalgia that inspired it.

“Miley Cyrus is the reason I sing.” Sapphire grew up a Miley fan and had all of her merch. “I actually found a pack of Miley Cyrus tissues in one of the bags my mum used to use all the time when I was 5!” But “Supalonely” was the song of the summer for Sapphire last year.

“‘Supalonely’ was definitely my happy song last year!” Sapphire told us. The song, which she shared reminds her of time spent at home with family over the summer, always gave her a 90s vibe. No wonder she was inspired to throw it back a couple of decades for her cover of the TikTok favorite.

At 18 years old, Sapphire is definitely a 2000s kid, but she wishes she grew up in the 90s. Even though she didn’t grow up in the time of Tamagotchis and Clueless, Sapphire and her sister grew up watching 90s and 00s rom-coms, and she used that influence as the backdrop for her “Supalonely” video. Sapphire and her backup dancers have a moody sleepover and dress up like Cher in a low-key pink room filled with colorful pillows, posters, and accessories.

The dancers are two of Sapphire’s friends, Ellie and Jordan. “They’re the most lovely people, and I feel so grateful that they were a part of this video,” she said. “We spend most of the time laughing!” Their synchronized moves were choreographed by Emily Golborn, and when we asked, Sapphire couldn’t pick a favorite moment from her 90s daydream “although we definitely enjoyed singing into hairbrushes and dancing on the bed!”

Sapphire’s “Supalonely” video, and Jam Jr. production, is out now! Can you and your besties learn their trio choreography?