Photographer: David Arellano

17-year-old singer Sophia Treadway has traveled the country chasing her dreams. Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Sophia has gone from coast to coast living in California; traveling to Memphis, Tennessee for her first TV show audition; and competing in Los Angeles at iPOP! and in Dallas, Texas in the Mike Beaty Model & Talent Expo. Working with industry greats and finding her own inspirations, Sophia has been developing her skills for the music career she has now. We caught up with Sophia to find out what inspires her and how her new song “Kiss N Tell” made its way to our ears.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started in music? 

Sophia Treadway: I got started in music just by growing a love for it. I always sang around the house and knew that this was what I wanted to pursue. I started taking lessons with coach Bob Westbrook and competed at iPOP! competition in Los Angeles. I won first place and met producer Marc Williams and C-Ray Roberts, and the rest is history!

SMO: What inspired you to turn your passion for music into a career?

Sophia: After winning that competition, it truly validated this career for me, and also, just my passion for music decided that for me. 

SMO: You’re also bilingual! Does your ability to communicate in more than one language impact your music or your influences at all? Will we be seeing that in your music at all?

Sophia: For sure, I love artists like Maluma, Shakira, JLO, Camila Cabello, and so many others. It’s really influenced me to dive into more Latina-influenced music, and I can’t wait to share that in the near future. 

SMO: Outside of the studio, you also perform live. What are some of your favorite live performance experiences?

Sophia: My favorite live performance has to be singing the national anthem for a Memphis Grizzlies game against the Heats at the FedEx Forum for a sold-out crowd. It was incredible and a feeling I can’t describe. 

SMO: Your latest single “Kiss N Tell” just came out. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired that track and your process for bringing it to life?

Sophia: “Kiss N Tell” was inspired by a real-life situation for me. I was talking to a couple guys at the time, but didn’t want anything serious. I remember telling Autumn Rowe about it in the studio and being like “I don’t want to date anyone,” like “Can’t a girl have a crush and some fun?” And she was like “Sophia. That’s the song,” and we both started writing right then and there while C-Ray was starting the skeleton of the track. 

Photographer: David Arellano

SMO: The single nods to ’90s/’00s sounds. What is it about those decades that inspire your music?

Sophia: I love how everything from that time is coming back. It’s so fun to play around with and something that no one had done recently. I love what JLO did back then and so many other artists and want to bring it back to life with a few new twists.

SMO: How do you think “Kiss N Tell” fits in with some of your other popular releases?

Sophia: It’s sticking to the same theme about my boy situations and also still has a similar pop vibe. 

SMO: Is there anything else you want to share about “Kiss N Tell”?

Sophia: I would love for you guys to all give it a listen, it’s one of my favorites I’ve created and has a lot of meaning and importance to me! 

“Kiss N Tell” is streaming now on all music platforms!