This week on NBC’s World of Dance, The Duels began. Just the previous two seasons, each act will be paired with another to battle it out. The act with the highest score out of each pair will move on to The Cut. But, there’s a new twist! When each division has finished dueling it out, the two highest scoring eliminated acts will battle once again for a final chance at a spot in the next round.

Tobias and the EZtwins vs. D’Angelo Brothers

The D’Angelo Brothers were up against some broken bones acquired during rehearsal while Tobias and the EZtwins tried to steal their tap style. Tobias and the EZtwins brought the skill and flare that took them to superstar stages in the past and received an average score of 87.3 while the D’Angelo Brothers brought actual tapping to the stage and wowed the judges for an average score of 89.7.

Denise and Josh vs. Jonathan and Jorge

When the J Lo asked for more salsa, none of the judges expected the level of salsa that Jonathan and Jorge brought to the stage. Their jaws were dropped, and Derek could not stay in his seat. Denise and Josh performed a dark contemporary, piece and J Lo complimented them on their emotional strength. J Lo and Ne-Yo disagreed about the definition of “duel worthy” while Jonathan and Jorge received an average score of 90.7 and Denise and Josh earned a solid 90.

DD Flection vs. Poppin John

World of Dance Thailand champions DD Flection wanted to take down their idol Poppin John in the Duels. They took the stage with some powerful tricks and lifts, but Poppin John came to battle, pairing his popping skills with some well-placed disses. When the judges revealed their scores, DD Flection received an 89, but Poppin John stayed on top with a 91.3.

Derek Piquette vs. Derion and Madison

Derek and Ne-Yo were surprised when contemporary soloist Derke Piquette chose to go up against Derion and Madison, and when the duo took the stage, they brought an incredible amount of technical choreography that set them apart. Derek wasn’t going to let having one less dancer hold him back. He brought more of those effortless leaps and splits onto the stage. Derion and Madison’s powerful entrance earned them a 90, but Derek fell less than a point short with an 89.3.

All Ready vs. Briar Nolet

Briar has what Ne-Yo called “attack” while All Ready has a lot to offer with their eclectic style. They put together a routine fit for the Duels. They danced to “Who Let the Dogs Out?”, but we’re asking “Who brought the attitude?”. Briar’s performance didn’t directly acknowledge her opponents, but the power behind it and her personal connection to it wowed the judges. When the scores were locked in All Ready 92.3 and Briar 90.3


The two highest scoring eliminated acts at the end of the Upper Division Duels were Denise and Josh and Briar Nolet. They each got to perform one more time for their last chance to get into the next round.

Denise and Josh performed a more aggressive routine than their duels performance, but Briar brought all of her most dangerous flips, turns, and looks. When the judges voted, their decision to send Briar forward was not surprising.

Next week the Duels continue with another division, but for now, the D’Angelo Brothers, Jonathan and Jorge, Poppin John, Derion and Madison, All Ready, and Briar Nolet are all safe until the next round.