2020 has had its ups and downs and ins and outs, but one thing is for sure–the makeup world never stopped, and the inspiration keeps coming! Makeup creation and exploration have been a fun creative outlet throughout this year even when we had nowhere to go.

Just as the current fashions of the season change, makeup trends are constantly evolving. I am constantly inspired by gorgeous makeup trends that are up and coming. I love playing around with different looks whether its getting glam for a Zoom meeting, trying out new looks for a photo, or doing makeup just for fun. These are some of my favorite 2020 makeup trends to try before the year ends.

Gloss Gloss Gloss

The glossy makeup look is totally a trend I can get behind. Whether it’s a classic glossy lip or stepping outside of my makeup comfort zone with a glossy eye shadow, I love how glamorous gloss can be! It adds a shine and brings out the sparkle in you.

You can go traditional with a classic red hue or try a trendy clear gloss. If you’re still dreaming of warm weather, walks in the park, and virtual concerts, throwback to summer with a glitter gloss. Lip glosses come in so many shades. It just goes with everything. It is also a picture-perfect look for the winter season. Icy.


Brows. Always brows! ICYDK your eyebrows are everything. Just the way they are, they bring out the definition in your face shape, and are full of opportunities for looks. Brushed-up, windswept, the shadow effect, or dewy brows, there are endless ways to embrace your natural brow.

My BFF for any brushed-up brow trend is brow gel. It can be clear or tinted to the color of your eyebrows, but it will help keep your brows in place right where you want them. Your brows might seem like a small part of your look, but they have a lot going on. It’s all in the details.

Fluttery Mascara

This trend will forever be one of my go-tos! Some call it “fluttery mascara” and some call it “spider lashes.” Whether you like your lashes with or without spider legs (no judgment), there is something so dramatic about a fluttery, full lash.

This look reminds me of putting on false lashes for performances and makes me feel stage-ready, but this trend is definitely something you can totally incorporate into your everyday makeup look when you are feeling extra extra! Mascara adds thickness to your lashes–you can use a jet-black and buildable mascara to achieve this look–and creates definition. After you coat your top lashes, don’t forget about your bottom lashes! We’re going all out.

Bling Eye Makeup

Bedazzled eye makeup looks have definitely taken over almost every social media platform this year. What better time to try it than winter? Even if you don’t pair it with lip gloss (though you totally should), this is a look that’s certain to stand out at Zoom holiday parties and add some sparkles to your selfies.

This look is easy to make your own. Grab your favorite colored rhinestones and eyelash glue. Have fun arranging them to create your own unique twist on this look. Rhinestones pair well with the watercolor eyeshadow trend–incorporate multiple eyeshadow hues and mix contrasting shades. Blend it out and sparkle! Now all you need is the perfect TikTok transition to reveal your new makeup look. You better GLOW!

If you decide to try out any of these looks, tag me (@royalcouturexo) and Showstopper (@goshowstopper) on social media with the hashtag #RoyalCoutureXShowstopper to show us how you style your glam makeup.

Christy Lyn

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Christy Lyn is a ballerina, model, designer, and choreographer. She started dancing at a very young age and currently choreographs and trains in multiple styles of dance with a focus in ballet. Her choreography work has debuted at the Lincoln Center in the Youth America Grand Prix Gala, “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow.” Christy walks and dances in fashion shows for national and international designers at LAFW and NYFW. She is also the unstoppable designer and founder of the chic dance fashion brand Royal Couture.