Todd Owyoung/NBC

Following So You Think You Can Dance this week, Stephen “tWitch” Boss appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to continue celebrating the dance competition show’s 300th episode.

But it wasn’t all SYTYCD during their interview. Jimmy and tWitch flashed back to 2010 when tWitch appeared on the show for a performance with Step Up 3D. With such a long dance career, tWitch is known for being a top performer. Jimmy asked if the SYTYCD judge ever feels pressured to show off at weddings or parties

“It’s like extra pressure being the dancer in a place. You know what I mean?” tWitch laughed about “the look” that people give you when you’re a professional dancer at a casual dance function. “I’m not always trying to battle. Sometimes, I’m just trying to cinch up.”

tWitch also revealed that sometimes even people on the street will look at him expecting incredible moves on the fly which led to a quick dance between the two of them that started with a wave and ended with some…interesting moves from Jimmy. (We don’t think miming eating someone’s head is typical dance battle freestyle.)

“Is there ever a song that you can’t dance to?” Jimmy asked tWitch. tWitch shared that he hasn’t found a song he can’t dance to and his secret to dancing to “awkward” songs is just to dance awkwardly. He also pulled out some incredible freestyle moves for an “undanceable” song played by The Roots.

tWitch was excited to celebrate SYTYCD and its legacy for “putting dance on the forefront” and introducing audiences to dancers by name rather than just being the background entertainment on a stage. We’re glad tWitch is a dancer whose name we know well! Now, to see if we can put his awkward dance advice into practice…