YouTube / Keone and Mari

The latest video on Keone and Mari Madrid’s YouTube channel is a “video portrait” of life and work through dance.

Choreographed, edited, and filmed by Keone and performed by Keone with Isidro Rafael and Selene Haro, “I Deserve” is a look at a week of work, chores, and life set to Smino’s song of the same name. The video is short, but you can’t help but get lost in the cycle of work and play as Keone wakes up and does the dishes or dances in the kitchen, and as you watch, you might feel the urge to complete the sentence. “I deserve…rest.” “I deserve…play.” “I deserve…time with the people that matter to me.”

This montage, contemplating a week of work and responsibility is satisfying to watch, and it’s easy to relate to Keone’s look back as he walks out the door—and to celebrate when he decides to stay home for the day.

In his description of the video, Keone writes, “I just want to make impactful work and then go home quietly to my family…” Watch him do just that below.