Pirouettes are important to have in your store of gorgeous and elegant turns. Like anything in dance, once you learn your pirouette, you want to constantly work toward improving them. Here are some easy ways to keep working your way toward pirouette perfection!

Begin With the End in Mind

When you are performing any kind of turn, it is important to focus on the place that you want to end up when the turn is completed. To keep yourself from spinning around the room aimlessly when you pirouette, focus on where the turn will finish. You don’t want to stare down the spot, but you do want to allow yourself to make quick checks to ensure that you are heading in the right direction as you perform your pirouette.

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Hairy, Little Details

You might not think about it, but little things like the placement of your fingers and even the way you have your hair done can affect how well you are able to perform your pirouette. Practice the correct arm and finger positions before turning to make sure you can do them correctly, and keep your hair in a style that keeps your hair out of your face and prevents you from becoming unbalanced!

Round, Elegant, Graceful

This comes back to arms again. Take the time to perform your pirouette in slow sections so that you can see the way each part of your body moves in relation to the other as you perform the turn. Once you can picture all of these things clearly in your head, begin to perform full pirouettes. You might notice that as you perform the full pirouette, your speed or focus alters your movements. Use your knowledge from performing it perfectly in slow motion to correct yourself in full speed.