We can’t deny that we all make mistakes, and we shouldn’t! This is true for athletes, writers, creators, and, of course, dancers. Denying your mistakes will make it harder for you to interpret different perspectives, accept criticism, and grow. Taking your mistakes and looking at them is an important step for moving forward in your dance career.

It keeps you grounded.

Every rhythm you learn and every piece of choreography you memorize is part of a journey. When you take the time to note the places where you could have done better or you could have gone another step forward, you acknowledge that you have room to grow. This is important because it is a reminder that you always have work to do no matter the level of skill or success you have reached. Knowing that your art is always something to work on and expand will keep you level-headed and humble as you continue to explore.

You know where to improve.

Acknowledging your mistakes is a lot like sitting down with a former friend for coffee. Even though you aren’t friends anymore, you know why you were friends in the past and why you decided to move forward. Your mistakes work the same way. Acknowledging them and their place in your personal growth makes you realize what led to those decisions and will help you outline goals to improve in the future.

You stay courageous.

If you were always dancing perfectly, you would never take risks. But, when you acknowledge that there is always the potential to fail and learn or to succeed and celebrate, you are willing to gather up the courage to take a leap. Whether you succeed or not, you will continue to improve and change for the better. And if you do succeed, it’s time to bust out the glitter and plan your next big move.