It’s almost turkey time! That means all of your students will be buzzing about their favorite foods and the upcoming holidays. The best thing to do is take advantage of that holiday energy and use it to drive fun and exciting preschool classes. These games take the fun of Thanksgiving and turn them into turkey-themed ways to practice dancing and working together.

Turkey Says

This game is a simple parody of Simon Says. Stand in front of your students and use the phrase “Turkey says…” to get them to perform actions of your choosing. To add some extra dancing to this game, make sure those actions are dance moves (Turkey says, “Plie!.”). Of course, like with the original game, if you don’t say “Turkey says,” and they do an action, they’re out!

I am Thankful

If you want your dancers to explore the meaning of the holiday through dance, this game is a perfect way to do that. Have your students take turns saying what they are thankful for. But there’s a twist! When they say what they are thankful for, they must also perform a dance move that they think matches that thing. For instance, “I am thankful for my family (pirouette).”

Turkey, Turkey, Ballerina

Turkey, Turkey, Ballerina is probably one of the most energetic Thanksgiving games you can bring into the studio. Like Duck, Duck, Goose, you have your dancers sit in a circle. One person walks around, tapping heads to define who is a turkey. When they pick the ballerina, they should also yell out a dance move that the ballerina has to do. The ballerina has to perform this move before the other person runs around the circle to take their spot!

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